Nail Your Home Improvement Marketing with These Six Tips for Audio Ads

By Audacy Insights Team

We’ve all been there – broken heater on the coldest day of the year (or broken air conditioner on the hottest day), overflowing toilet, honey-do list out of control, opening the checkbook for that long-awaited home addition… Whether they’re remediating or remodeling, homeowners need an expert they can trust.  

Finding the right pro often comes down to reliable recommendations, either from friends and family or through targeted, consistent, memorable advertising that attracts consumer attention and builds consumer confidence. 

That’s why you want Audio in your toolbox. With 99% of Americans tuning into audio weekly—local radio, podcasts, and digital streaming offer a pathway to market your business to a massive audience of engaged, attentive consumers. When they’re ready for their next home project, Audio can help keep your name top of mind.

Last year,
Radio listeners spent



on home improvement

44 billion more
than broadcast
TV viewers

Here’s a blueprint of six tips to grow your home improvement business with Audio. 


Build your business with trusted endorsements: They call it “Home Sweet Home” for a reason – a home is a special place with both family and financial value. Your clients need confidence that, as their chosen contractor, you will ensure they come home to quality. By activating our beloved radio hosts, podcasters, and influencers to endorse your home improvement business, listeners feel a personal tie. In fact, 60% of listeners feel a greater connection to a brand message from their favorite local host. Leverage that trust and lean on our talent to promote your products and services.


Audience targeting comes in handy: To build business, it’s imperative that you reach the right audience. We can target ads by zip code, income, gender, homeowner age, property age, and prospective home buyers to give your campaign a turbo-boost. Homeowners comprise 65% of Audacy listeners, and a third of our audience is in the market for home improvement. Our audience-based targeting helps ensure that your advertising campaign doesn’t throw money down the drain. 


Maximize your co-op dollars: Many manufacturers and suppliers offer customers and dealers like you funding, aka co-op dollars, to promote their products. These co-op dollars enhance your marketing budget without costing you a penny. With extra spending power, you expand your advertising. It can be tricky to access the resources, but we can help you navigate the opportunities. Lean on us as a trusted partner.


Brand it and own it: A golden rule of marketing is that your business should spring to mind when consumers need help. Home emergencies happen when homeowners least expect it, from overflowing toilets to a broken-down water heater. They’ll recall your messaging if you establish your brand name and expertise with consistent Audio advertising. By advertising consistently year-round with an “always on” strategy, you build name recognition, leading to business in a crisis and for planned projects. 


There’s no place like your home page – and your social media: When clients start searching for contractors online, you need to be at the top of their search page. Keep all your business contact information updated, add some client testimonials, consider investing in a mobile-friendly website, and let us help you make the most of paid and organic search strategies. 


Measure it all: Measure twice, cut once – it applies to success in home improvements, and to success in marketing as well. When your campaign hits the air, we deploy all our tools to analyze your delivery and ensure it meets your objectives. We can measure brand lift, web visitation, and sales conversion for radio, digital Audio, and podcasting to ensure success.

Audio builds success for
P.J. Fitzpatrick

Don’t just take our word that Audio gets results. Home improvement contractor P.J. Fitzpatrick launched a multichannel campaign with Audacy stations to generate new business. Their goal was to double revenue in the first 24 months. The campaign started in Philadelphia and, after impressive results, expanded to Pittsburgh.


Endorsement: KYW’s afternoon anchor, Michelle Dunham became a brand ambassador and worked with J. Fitzpatrick to install new doors on her home. Once a day for three weeks each month over the four month campaign Dunham raved about her experience.

Title Sponsorship: P.J. Fitzpatrick launched as the exclusive sponsor of KYW’s traffic report to amplify their brand and engagement in the marketplace.

Website Takeover: PJ. Fitzpatrick also staged a visual “takeover” of KYW’s website with prominent display ads.

Campaign Results: Together we achieved the client’s goal of doubling revenue in 24 months.




Endorsement: KDKA’s Rick Dayton and 93.7 The Fan’s Chris Mack kept P.J. Fitzpatrick top of mind with on-air endorsements.

Title Sponsorship: P.J. Fitzpatrick launched as the exclusive sponsor for KDKA’s traffic reports.

Campaign Results: P.J. Fitzpatrick elevated their generated brand recognition, increased engagement and generated new business, proving Audio is a powerful partner.


In the hyper-competitive home improvement industry, you already have a full-time job helping clients and juggling projects. To grow your business, it helps to have an experienced partner. At Audacy, we have trusted hosts and popular content, and expertise in campaign planning and measurement. Let us be your go-to source and build success together.

Check out our Home Improvement Playbook for more advertising tips on how Audio can help you get the job done.

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Home Improvement Playbook, Audacy, June 2023

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