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Today’s media landscape offers more advertising channels than you can count. And with all the buzz around trends, media darlings, and viral results, it’s easy to get caught up in the misconceptions about what works and what doesn’t.

Myth —
All I need is TV.


Audio delivers more impact than TV.

Audio consumption has soared past TV. Audio’s reach is:

+10% above live+time-shifted TV

+13% more than CTV viewership

2x the attention of TV

Myth —
Apps have all the audience.


Pureplays can’t compete with Audacy’s cross-platform reach.

Spotify & Pandora only bring a sliver of their audience to their advertisers. The only way your brand will have a voice is on ad- supported platforms. And Audacy is a leader in ad-supported Audio, with content reaching 200 million listeners.

Myth —
Those youngsters don’t listen… to Audio.


Gen Z listens to Audio daily.

Who says younger audiences don’t listen to Audio? Not us! Gen Z, the youngest adult audience on the block, is tuning in to Audio a lot more than you might think.

96% of Gen Z listens to Audio daily

Myth —
I can’t measure Audio.


You can track, measure, and analyze results for any broadcast and digital audio campaign.

If you think that broadcast and digital Audio campaigns are untrackable and immeasurable – think again. Access everything you need from foot traffic and web conversion to sales conversion, brand lift, and app download analysis.

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