Listen up for Sound Shopper Strategies!

By Deepika P Das, Sr. Manager of Research & Insights 

As technology evolves and consumer behavior becomes more nuanced, navigating the complex web of different shopper types becomes both a challenge as well as an opportunity. Not all shoppers are equal. Some are incredibly dedicated to their favorite brands, while others do not hesitate to test out the newest. And so gone are the days of the ‘one-size-fits-all’ marketing approach. It just won’t work! Although one common thread reigns supreme: they all love Audio!

While many unique motivations drive today’s shoppers, such as deals, the quest for inspiration, past experiences and even problems, at the heart of their shopping decisions lies their basic response to brand messages. To understand this better, let’s look at two types of shoppers…

1. The Devoted: do not look beyond what they love

These are probably every marketers’ dream clientele – the epitome of brand loyalty! While highly cherished, they pose a challenge. 

2. The Impulsive: love shopping and operate with no set agenda

For these shoppers, the act of shopping itself is therapy! Their quest for being in lock-step with all that’s new and trendy, makes them a tremendous opportunity for marketers.

Audio: The way to shoppers’ ears and wallets!

Despite their divergent shopping behaviors, these shoppers share a common affinity for Audio. All throughout the day, Audio keeps them company. Whether at home or in-car, on weekdays or weekends, both groups are heavy Audio users who enjoy radio as well as podcasts. 

Forge long-lasting connections with Audio: Tailor your advertising to resonate with distinct shopper segments:  

For the Devoted Shoppers, consistency and familiarity are key.

Though challenging, they are 43% more likely to trust Audio, compared to any typical US adult. Brands must leverage this trust in the medium to emphasize their own values, highlight product advantages, and tell uplifting stories to build brand trust over time. 

For the Impulsive Shoppers, inspiration and information boost advertising.

They’re ad-fans! Compared to any typical US adult they’re 10% more likely to say that advertising helps them keep up-to-date about products and services that they need or would like to have. Audio’s beloved Radio and Podcast hosts can prove to be mighty messengers. Brand messages with call to action and a sense of urgency using deals and promotions, will drive action.

With the winning combination of unmatched access and trust, Audio can build authentic brand connections like no other media and propel businesses towards growth. Invest in a sound shopper strategy with Audio and get ready for walk-ins and check-outs! 

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