Introducing The 2021 State of Audio.

Social Impact

Supporting Sound Communities

Bringing communities together for good. We like the sound of that. It’s why we support the health and success of our communities. It’s why we use our voice to raise awareness of social issues. Community is truly the heart of our business. So as one of the nation’s leading audio influencers, we unite with our listeners, brands, and employees to create positive impact.

Audacy Serves

Our commitment to “Supporting Sound Communities” is founded in key focus areas:​

Civic Education

Promoting a vibrant democracy through an informed, educated and engaged citizenry.

The Environment

Doing our part to ensure a sustainable, healthy planet for generations to come.

Mental Health

Destigmatizing the conversation around mental health with one of the most important tools: the power of TALK.

Children’s Health

Rallying communities around children and the families impacted by pediatric cancer and other childhood illnesses. ​

Veterans & Service Members

 Serving those who serve us with support and resources in health, employment and education.​

Social Impact Report

Read our social impact report featuring the stories of our people, brands, voices and neighbors, coming together to positively impact our communities.

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

In who we are and what we do, we reflect and champion the diversity of our communities to foster an equitable and inclusive nation.​

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