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Research & Propietary Studies

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Total Audio Amplifies: An Attribution Channel Study

Advertisers regularly come to us with a simple, direct question: “What will work best for my campaign goals: Digital Audio, or over-the-air (OTA) Radio?” Our recent study provides the clear-cut answer: both. In this guide, you’ll find audio campaign performance insights that reveal what happens when brands initiate a total audio strategy – leveraging the strengths and incremental reach of OTA Radio + Digital Audio.

Audio Amplification: Defining Engaged Impressions

Partnered with Alter Agents and Immersion, we developed a powerful and insights-driven study for clients and partners interested in growing their influence. The study, including a nationally representative survey and quantitative neuro measurements, showed that audio delivers immersive experiences like no other medium – and Audacy’s audio content outperformed media norms. It confirmed that Immersion + Impact = Action is a winning roadmap to help brands break through media clutter and noise, and connect deeply with audiences.

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Industry Trends in Streaming Audio & Podcast Performance

Advertisers are increasingly turning to streaming audio and podcasts to convert website visitors into customers. Though there’s no one-size-fits all approach, best practices can deliver the insights your brand needs. In this guide, you’ll find tactical strategies for campaign goal-setting, measurement methodologies, and optimization, as well as benchmarks across key industries, so you can plan, execute, and measure the success of your next audio marketing campaign. 

COVID-19: Audio’s Ability to Educate & Inform

Many American adults have questions and concerns about COVID-19 vaccines. This custom study examines vaccine-hesitant populations’ attitudes toward media –and reveals that audio is their most trusted source of information. The study also reveals that local radio/podcast hosts can mobilize those who are still on the fence about COVID-19 vaccination.

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