Local markets

Chicago park

Community at our core

When our communities come together, great things happen. At Audacy, we’re proud to be an integral part of communities across the country. From raising funds for a local cause, to enjoying an outdoor summer concert, to connecting listeners with what matters most to them every day on our stations. The shared experiences strengthen undeniable bonds and move people to action.

men shaking hands

We’re there through thick and thin

When things get tough, our communities, teams and listeners get moving, together. Through our 25+ annual radiothons, we’ve raised more than $36 million in relief funds and donated countless resources to important local causes. We’re collecting funds, gathering toys, cleaning up parks, and organizing disaster relief to ensure the well-being of the communities we’re all a part of.

girl in computer

We get the word out

Getting the message out – it’s what we do, through the reach of our platform and the power of our voices. In one year alone, we donated nearly $30 million in media to amplify important messages, and we pledged $1 million in direct cash to support local businesses through the pandemic. We’re proud to give a platform to the causes that help our communities thrive.

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