Comedy Pods’ Golden Delivery: Laughter, Engagement, and Business!

By Deepika P Das, Sr. Manager of Research & Insights and Euna Park, Insights Analyst, Audacy

It’s been a long day, and you’re ready to rest and unwind. Your medium of choice? A comedy podcast where the host settles into a smooth, casual routine peppered with stories of dating, family, scoops, and more. And as you sit down for their stand up, you join a listenership that loves to laugh, but to an advertiser’s eye, it is serious business.

Comedy podcasts are a haven for humor lovers. Despite their whimsical nature, audiences listen at ease. Brands can reach high-spirited audiences who embrace juicy or even slightly controversial topics on comedy podcasts. And listeners aren’t deterred by spicy language. 7 in 10 expect swearing in every episode! 

The unfiltered, casual, and open vibe of the Comedy genre lends to an environment steeped with trust amidst the laughter. Comedy podcast listeners describe their favorite shows as not only fun and funny, but also informative and influential, and they’ll likely share what they hear, from jokes to products. More than half of Comedy podcast listeners talk about what they heard on the show.

This valuable audience is not just highly engaged, but also growing! Just this past year, its listenership grew by 27%. The genre has a strong pull, with an overwhelming 92% of podcast listeners saying they look forward to listening to their favorite shows as they become available. It’s also an important part of their day-to-day routine, as 91% say that listening to podcasts helps them while doing other activities. 

Appetite for jokes and ads

Across genres, podcast listeners are engaged with the ads that run in their shows: 80% listen through them. And nearly 4-in-10 are able to recall the product advertised unaided! Comedy listeners in particular stand out from this invested audience, as they are especially eager to jump into action. 

A desirable community for brands

Giggling away to comedy’s raw and unabashed content, these listeners represent a very attractive group of media consumers—young, diverse, high-earning, creative, progressive, and tech-forward. Comedy listeners love to host guests, while perhaps trying their hand at grilling or outdoor cooking every now and then, gardening, or enjoying the outdoors. They are definitely people’s people, and lean towards charitable activities. 

Most listeners belong to younger generations—Millennials (39%) and Gen Z (34%)—and are just getting started. While many are well-settled in their jobs, they’re also likely to look for growth, whether in a new career or going back to school for a certification. Brands are top of mind for them during these major transitions. Compared to average podcast listeners, Comedy listeners are more likely to invest in a home office (+15%), take a spa vacation (+14%), purchase a smartwatch (+12%), or get a new car (+8%). 

With a tremendous purchasing power of over $140 Billion, this is an audience for brands to keep their eye on! Through the Comedy genre, brands reach open minds that are looking to entertain and be entertained, people who love to listen and share what they know. Don’t miss out on this golden opportunity to reach devoted listeners looking to make their next big-ticket purchase. 

Tune in and laugh along to Audacy’s top Comedy podcasts, including Say More with Dr? Sheila (#1 on Apple Comedy Podcast Charts, New York Times Best Podcasts of 2023) and Fly on the Wall with Dana Carvey and David Spade (#2 Apple Top New Shows, Amazon Most Popular Podcasts List).

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