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The Next Generation of Podcast Ads: Seamless Brand Integrations

By Audacy Insights Team

It’s always fun to get into a good story—and in our new “Say More with Dr? Sheila” podcast, that’s just what smart brands are doing.  

The next generation of brand integration is here. Amy Poehler’s new comedic podcast, “Say More with Dr? Sheila”, is taking host reads in-character and in-story to directly incorporate brands right into the hilarious show.

First up was Kroger, as Dr? Sheila seamlessly touted the grocery brand’s fresh products within the narrative. And every time anyone listens—or relistens—to that episode, Kroger will still be a natural part of the story.  

This innovation in podcast advertising goes beyond already-successful producer reads and host reads to fully integrate brands into a show. And it’s spot-on with the power of the platform. The most recent Edison “Share of Ear” report shows that out of every 10 minutes of Audio listening, one minute is now spent on podcasts. That share has doubled in just three years, and it shows no sign of slowing down. Even more, a nearly unbelievable 86% of listeners can recall podcast ads, and more than half act on those ads. 

Talk about a podcast story with a happy ending. 


Getting closer to creators with innovative show integrations

Say More with Dr? Sheila, A Comedy from Amy Poehler

Play Kroger’s brand segment

This hilarious improvised podcast stars Poehler as Dr? Sheila, a fictional therapist with questionable methods and credentials counseling a new couple every week, played by a cast of esteemed actors and comedians.


Audacy teamed up with Kroger for a special first-of-its-kind collaboration: the opportunity to have the brand integrated directly into the story. By weaving Kroger directly into the episode, Amy Poehler—in character as Dr? Sheila—is able to emphasize Kroger’s unbeatable freshness while baking the brand into the narrative in perpetuity.

The advertisers will get the chance to be in character, in universe. With storytelling at its core, there are lots of places to grow—connecting audiences and brands, especially with scripted partners.”

Moira Curran

SVP, Consumer Marketing, Audacy

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