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Listeners Have Spoken: Podcasting Offers Brands a Safe and Effective Environment

Podcasting is a haven for debate, humor, and, sometimes, a dash of controversy. That colorful honesty is what many listeners love. But, as the popularity of podcasting soars, some marketers worry podcasts are too hot to touch. Like a juicy true crime podcast, there’s a lot more to this story.

Some podcasts tackle complex topics, and hosts may be colorful and spontaneous. But consumers don’t punish podcasts — or their brand partners — for that kaleidoscope of issues and opinions. That’s what they love about podcasts.


Three-quarters of listeners

say controversial content did not affect their purchase decisions.

Toss out those preconceived notions.

New research shows audiences respond favorably to almost all podcast genres and topics, and that glow extends to the brands that support them. They listen intently, with 80% listening through brand messages.



There are lines listeners don’t want to be crossed

like racist or cruel commentary. 61% of listeners say racism is unacceptable.


We know myths about podcast marketing run rampant, and to get to the truth, we partnered with Alter Agents and queried media executives about podcasts and brand suitability concerns. Then, we surveyed 6,000 frequent listeners for their opinions.

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