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Driving Tune-In & Moviegoers with Audio

Welcome to the ultimate guide for captivating audiences and driving tune-in with the power of Audio! Whether you’re in the business of big-screen blockbusters or streaming sensations, the journey to igniting anticipation and attracting viewers begins with the power of Audio. At Audacy, we’re sharing the secrets to success, so grab your popcorn get ready to leave a lasting impression.

Big Screen to Your Stream: Winning Audio Plans for Theatrical & Streaming Shows

Audacy’s entertainment strategy strikes the perfect balance of precision and scale with holistic, multiplatform Audio campaigns.

Your Formula for Sucess

Dig into this year’s Entertainment Guide to uncover the four must-know tips for marketing movies and shows.

  • Invite the Right Audience: Harness the power of Audio to drive action and engage the right audience for your releases.
  • Unleash the Power of Hosts and Creators: Leverage the influence of local DJs and creators to amplify anticipation and kickstart the frenzy for your releases.
  • Activate Promotions & Sweepstakes: Elevate your campaigns with exciting promotions and sweepstakes that infuse a sense of urgency and anticipation.
  • Captivate with Your Creative: Elevate your campaigns with compelling music and strong sound design that boost recall and drive interest.

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