Cheers to Summer! The Season for Audio-First Brands to Shine is Here

By Idil Cakim, SVP, Research & Insights, Audacy

Rosé all day! Summer is here. And the wine enthusiasts are out in full effect. At the beachside bars, Italian restaurants, and backyard patios. From the most established brands to local newcomers, and even subscription wine clubs – marketers are eagerly trying to reach and win over this cork-popping audience.

Tapping into Audio to Reach Targeted Audiences

Audio in general, and Audacy platforms specifically are tremendous media choices for reaching wine drinkers and shoppers. 95% of adults 21+ listen to Radio, Streaming or Podcasts1. Through Audacy platforms alone, we reach an audience of 35 million wine drinkers every week2.

What are they drinking? Audio listeners love it all, but red tops the charts, especially a good Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot or Merlot2. And today’s wine drinkers aren’t just enthusiasts. They consider themselves connoisseurs, and are very sophisticated shoppers. They’re looking for brands that stand out with online shopping options, health-focused products, and eco-friendly choices2. Audio advertisers have the option to reach broad audiences segmenting by just age and gender, or hone in on targeted audience personas that fit unique customer profiles, like premium wine drinkers, online subscription shoppers, or fans of the bubbly.

Who’s spending big? You might be surprised; it’s the affluent Gen Z. The youngest cohort, 21 – 24 year olds are the ones willing to spend more for premium bottles3.

Meet the Wine Enthusiast Personas

The Interested Newbie:
These young wine consumers have more discretionary wealth and a tremendous interest in learning about wine. These Gen Z and Millennials are tech savvy and love podcasts.

The Engaged Hustlers:
These ambitious adults are busy in work and home life. This Millennial and Gen X audience spends big when they feel it’s important and drink wine for taste and image.

The Sophisticated Regulars:
This mature audience is very into their plush lifestyle. They love talking about their favorite brands, including their wine. In their free time, they are news and sports fans. 

The Loyalists:
The Loyalists are family-oriented elderlies who spend conspicuously, put work before fun, yet drink their wine regularly.

Case Study:
Wine Club Driving Up Sales with Podcast Campaign


A Subscription Wine Club was looking to drive increased online sales with an ad campaign on the Audacy Podcast Network.


The Audacy team crafted a custom national podcast campaign, reaching a targeted audience segment that included listeners passionate about wine. The campaign measured web visits and sales conversions from ad-exposed audiences.






The campaign delivered an impressive cost per acquisition (CPA) – costing the retailer just $37 to convert an online subscription purchase.

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1 Edison Research, Cume Listening Q4 2020, Platform Cume

2 Nielsen Scarborough Research, Market/Release: Scarborough National Database 2020 Release 2

3 2020 Doublebase GfK MRI

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