As the Great Resignation Heats Up, Marketers Are Locking in on Audio to Drive Recruitment

By Idil Cakim, SVP, Research & Insights, Audacy

This late-stage pandemic life has sparked excitement in many ways. A return to dining out, concerts, and travel makes this summer feel like the first ‘back-to-normal’ season we’ve had in almost a year and a half. But for business leaders, it’s clear that we’re still in unprecedented times. As organizations manage the complexities of a country-wide re-opening they’re dealing with one new hurdle after the next, including an influx of resignation letters. As pandemic life fades away, more and more adults are leaving their jobs in search of more fulfillment. For some it’s a desire for greater flexibility as they’re being called back to the office. For others it’s higher salaries, or an opportunity to re-think their career path with a clear post-pandemic mindset.

Whatever the motivation, the trend is clear. Workers are leaving in droves. According to the Labor Department, the US saw a record 4 million people quit their jobs in April. And that leaves recruiters in a scramble – And that may not be a strong enough word. There are a mountain of positions to fill. According to ZipRecruiter, there are more openings now then there were in January of 20201.

Audacy’s Audio Ads Driving 4X Web Conversions in 2021

Recruiters are investing in advertising channels that can make the difference. And Radio advertising is proving to be the channel that can get applicants through the virtual door. In 2020, recruitment ad campaigns on our Audacy stations drove 6% lift in web visitation. Quite impressive. But these results shrink in the shadow of 2021 gains. For the first six months of 2021, recruitment ads saw a 23% Lift in web visitation to job opportunity sites2.

This boost in driving job applicant activity online is very aligned with trends AnalyticOwl is reporting from radio advertising campaigns they track1. Our recruitment advertisers are finding the strongest results are coming from Midday spots, followed closely by AM Drive and Evening. And the most effective format was News, followed closely by Hot AC, Hip Hop and Sports.

Radio Reaches Job Seekers

For employers looking to spread their wings and hit some delayed growth, time is of the essence. And recruiters are investing now in marketing channels that drive in qualified applicants. Radio is a great match for advertisers looking to reach employee candidates. According to RAB’s recent study and 2020 MRI-Simmons data, Radio reaches 84% of adults who plan on looking for a job within the year1. Radio reaches job hunters on a number of devices. And these campaigns are proving to convince a large portion of ad-exposed listeners to visit employers online. For employers with positions to fill, the flexibility and scale of Radio, coupled with campaign measurement capabilities is proving a great match for today’s hiring challenges.

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2 Audacy Analytics ‘Recruitment/Employment’ analysis, Jan 2020 – June 2021

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