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Total Audio Amplifies

Advertisers regularly come to us with a simple, direct question: “What will work best for my campaign goals: Digital Audio, or over-the-air (OTA) Radio?” Our recent study provides the clear-cut answer: both. In this guide, you’ll find audio campaign performance insights that reveal what happens when brands initiate a total audio strategy – leveraging the strengths and incremental reach of OTA Radio + Digital Audio.


Audacy partners with attribution expert Claritas to measure digital conversions. Using web pixels, Claritas “tags” advertising inventory, website visitation, and purchases. Then, using identifiers, it links each of those elements to individual households within its comprehensive U.S. Household Identity Graph. This crossdevice and “listen-through” methodology clearly ties ad exposure to conversion. Using a natural experiment (rather than a designed study), we tracked a digital audio campaign running with and without OTA. Each campaign ran for four weeks and involved comparable spending.


For more information, contact Idil Cakim, SVP of Research & Insights at [email protected] or your Audacy Account Representative


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