Podcast Listeners Are Hooked on Content. How Can Brands Join In? | Podcast Personas Series

By: Idil Cakim, SVP Research & Insights, Audacy | Contributing Research By: Deepika P Das, Manager, Research & Insights, Audacy

Part II in a three-part series featuring innovative ways to tap into podcast personas to improve your media buys

Get in their head! But how? Everyone seems to have screen fatigue. Though kids have returned to school and adventure-seekers have hit the trails, work-life balance remains a primary goal. Advertisers need a platform that can elevate their messages above the chaos and be part of daily moments.

That’s exactly what podcasts offer. Listeners who seek out podcasts are eager to soak up all the fact, fiction, philosophy, and fun of their favorites. Many are so intent on hearing this compelling content that they find themselves appointment-listening to make sure they listen whenever the next episode drops. 

Content gems around influencers, true crime, news, and business/tech hook their audiences for close to 10 hours per week, seeping into after-hour rituals and weekends. Those peaks when audiences are attentively listening to their favorite hosts are ripe with opportunities for brands to authentically connect with consumers.

Most important for advertisers, podcast listeners pay close attention to audio ads. 
51% of heavy podcast listeners pay more attention to ads on podcasts than other forms of media.1

And what kinds of podcasts are grabbing audiences’ attention? Check out some of the most popular genres and who’s listening:


Podcast listeners seek expertise. They come to podcasts not just to be entertained, but also to be informed. Because podcast listeners trust their hosts’ knowledge and research, they’re more likely to listen through ads, recall, and act on podcast ads – whether visiting a web site, downloading an app or making a purchase. And Audacy Podcast Advertisers benefit from lift in recall and purchase behavior.3, 4

of podcast listeners take action after hearing an ad
Unaided Brand Recall
Nielsen Norms: 48% | Audacy Podcast Average: 53%
Purchase Intent Lift
Nielsen Norms: 5 pt | Audacy Podcast Average: 6 pt

To find a group of people who are so eagerly leaning into your content and advertising is a gift, and the opportunity to reach this action-oriented audience is the reason to put podcasts at the top of your advertising investment strategy. Reach with scale and see measurable results by following your brand’s audience to host-led firechats.

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1 Edison Research: Podcast Super Listeners Report, 2021

2 Podsights (data from Nielsen and Experian), Nielsen Scarborough Research

3 Source: Nielsen Scarborough Research, Market/Release: Podcast Recontact Study (Listeners only) 2020 Release 2 Total (May 2021)

4 Audacy Podcast Aggregate Brand Lift Results via Nielsen

Note: heavy podcast listeners are defines as those who spend at least 5 hours per week listening to podcasts

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