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How Ad Frequency Drives Purchase

Download this study and uncover the ad frequency strategies driving the best results for Audio advertisers:

  • Frequency: How many Audio ad exposures until consumer engagement peaks and when does it wear out
  • Driving Purchase: How does frequency impact traditional ad metrics like recall and purchase intent
  • Creative that Captivates: Brand mentions, product benefits, sonic stimulus – which ad elements grab and hold our attention the best


The Audio Amplification: How Ad Frequency Drives purchase study used samples of Spark Foundry client advertisements in the retail, financial services and QSR industries. Participants aged 18 – 54 were exposed to a randomized rotation of Audio content and advertisements as many as 15 times over the course of a week. Through a follow-up survey, it also measured key performance indicators including recall and intent to purchase. Immersion, the key metric in our study, is a scientific measure of emotional connection and attention.

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