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What Makes Some Ads More Effective than Others? Your Guide to Killer Creative

By Audacy Insights

When it comes to driving performance, not all creative is created equal. As marketers strive to strike the perfect balance of message, voice, and branding – stick with these creative best practices known to elevate ad effectiveness:

Stick with Your Goals

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for creative elements to include in your audio ads. The best approach is for your brand needs to align with your campaign goals. Through our own ad campaign analysis with our partner Veritonic, we’ve found these elements work best.

Looking to Drive Purchase?

Stick with ads that are thirty to sixty seconds. Include promos to highlight deals customers won’t want to miss. And utilize influencers or host reads to boost purchase intent – natural endorsements often see the strongest results.

Building Brand Awareness?

Try soft music. Include personalized elements like storytelling and host reads to make a compelling case. And stick with a single voice in your ads to make a stronger connection with the listener.

Know When to Tap Into Talent

There are lots of choices when advertising in audio – including whether to utilize Radio or Podcast hosts in your ad strategy. Influencers have been proven to drive incredibly strong results, but when does it make sense to align your brand so closely with a host or show? Here are a few questions to ask when considering host reads or endorsements – A ‘yes’ to these items marks a great fit for your brand:

  • Is the brand an authentic fit for the host?
  • Does the brand fit within the host’s lifestyle?
  • Does the show’s audience align well with the brand’s target consumers?

It’s not just the excitement of hitching your brand to a star that matters. Influencers drive higher performance. We see great results with purchase intent and web visitation.1

When In Doubt, Keep These Best Practices in Mind from our Partners at Veritonic

Characteristics of high performing ads:

  • Don’t Mention Competition: Focus your message on you
  • Use Your Sonic Branding: Include your audio logo or brand sound, and not just at the end
  • Statistics Are Helpful: Informational metrics have shown trends to increase engagement
  • Brand Early and Often: Mention your brand within the first 5 seconds of an ad, and frequently throughout

These helpful nuggets are just the tip of the iceberg. To get the latest and greatest creative insights – including innovative opportunities for brands in the podcast space, check out our recent webinar from our Audacy Insights Series, entitled Audio Creative Guide for Advertisers, featuring our partners from Veritonic and Pineapple Street Studios.

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1 Audacy – Veritonic Influencer Impact Study, 2020; Audacy Analytics, 2021

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