Unveiling the Influence of Hispanic Women: Why They're the Key to Advertising Success

By Reggie Shah, Senior Director of Research & Insights, Audacy

Let’s talk about a powerhouse demographic that’s shaking up the advertising game: Hispanic women. They’re not just making waves; they’re practically running the show when it comes to consumer behavior and cultural trends. So, buckle up as we explore why targeting Hispanic women should be at the top of your advertising agenda.

The Rising Influence of Hispanic Women

Hispanic women aren’t just calling the shots on major household purchases: You can find them in the highest spending brackets for luxury items ranging from Cosmetics/Perfumes, Clothing, and Fine Jewelry to Auto1. They buy for themselves and for their families, for all occasions.

The Power of Media Consumption

Now, here’s a fun fact: Hispanic women love their radio. Whether they’re tuning in for music or catching up on the latest news, radio is where they spend their time. And that’s music to the ears of advertisers looking to connect with this audience, where they’re 2x more likely to be listening to Rhythmic/Top 40 stations2. Family is always first for Hispanic Women, and it’s no surprise that it’s also their top Podcast Genre.

The Influence of Cultural Identity

Let’s talk culture. Hispanic women take pride in their heritage, and they want to see themselves represented in the media they consume. So, if you want to win them over, you’ve got to speak their language—both literally and figuratively. Embrace their cultural identity, and you’ll earn their trust and loyalty. 

Speak the Language of the Locals

With the demand for Spanish-language content on the rise, advertisers have a golden opportunity to reach Hispanic women in a meaningful way. Take a cue from stations like Power96 in Miami, where they speak not only “Spanglish”, but a newly recognized dialect: “Miami English” (It’s real, Google it). Claudia Menegus, Audacy’s Regional President, underscores the importance of authenticity when reaching key audiences such as Hispanic women

You have to use the home language. It’s how we speak to our family, friends and the community.  It’s common knowledge around here so it’s very easy to identify when someone isn’t from Miami or doesn’t fully understand the market. If you’re going to affect the South Florida consumer (who by the way is majority Hispanic and largely of Cuban descent) you need to understand how to connect and by that I mean, the level of authenticity of your advertising. The Spanish language and culture in Miami is very unique, so the more you sound like Miami, the more likely they will relate and react. Hispanics are one of the most desirable audiences because of the growth of their population and their loyalty to brands.  Advertisers want to gain their trust and loyalty, because earning that has residuals, as they reach first, second, third generation or higher Hispanics in South Florida.  Authenticity is key, that’s the part everyone misses. You can’t just deploy a universal ad or tactic and expect to crack the code in South Florida. The marketing message has to be genuine to the market and the culture to succeed here.

Audacy Regional President, Florida & Tennessee
Audacy Regional President, Florida & Tennessee

Political Implications and Market Opportunities

Let’s not forget about politics. Hispanic women aren’t just flexing their consumer muscle; they have become a major political force, as their registered voter numbers have surged by 1.6 million since 20193. With their growing influence in key states like Florida, advertisers and candidates have a chance to get in on the action and make their voices heard. Lourdes Ubieta, of Radio Libre on Audacy, shares insights on the voting behaviors of Hispanic women.

As mothers and the main providers, Hispanic women’s voting behavior is primarily driven by their values—focusing on what benefits their family, the quality of education for their children, and overall safety. And depending on their country of origin, some Hispanic women may vote ideologically. But even so, their votes are significantly influenced by policies that directly affect their ability to support their family’s quality of life, with religion and cultural values also playing a key role.

Lourdes Ubieta
Audacy Host, Radio Libre

So, there you have it — Hispanic women are the real MVPs of the advertising world. Their economic clout, media savvy, and cultural pride make them a force to be reckoned with. By understanding and embracing the importance of Hispanic women, advertisers can unlock new opportunities for success and make a lasting impact in today’s diverse marketplace.

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