State Of Audio - Level Up: The Modern Blueprint to Audio Advertising

Today’s media buys are powered by audiences

Advertisers large and small need two things when it comes to placing media buys – broad reach and targetability. With Audio’s audience targeting capabilities now rivaling that of the digital world, media buyers are honing in on the best methods, platforms and data solutions to reach their customer audiences in Audio. 

Listen in with our panel of Audio & Advertising experts as they shared today’s latest insights for activating high quality audiences in Audio:

The Power of Audience-based Media Buys: When to go broad, and when to buy audience segments

Audio Networks: Finding the platforms with the most engaged listeners

Data Activation: How leading brands are targeting their customer audiences through podcasts and streaming audio; onboarding 1st and 3rd party data to reach existing customers; and customizing ad messaging for stronger results 

Audience in Action: Why being on target matters, and what drives consumers to take action with Audio ads

Idil Cakim
Ken Lagana
EVP, Digital Sales & Strategy, Audacy
Maria Tullin
VP, Managing Director, Advanced & Digital Audio, Horizon Media
Omer Jilani
VP, Sales, Claritas

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