Newly Released Study - Sound Creative: How to Build Winning Audio Ads

How many times should potential customers be exposed to my ad?

That’s the question front and center for every marketer. Not enough exposures and you won’t make a lasting impression. Too many, and you’ll saturate your messaging and risk wasting precious media budget. So what’s the ad frequency sweet spot? A newly released groundbreaking media study holds the answers.

Listen in with our panel of research and media experts as they share ad frequency strategies driving the best results for Audio advertisers:

  • Frequency: How many Audio ad exposures until consumer engagement peaks and when does it wear out
  • Driving Purchase: How does frequency impact traditional ad metrics like recall and purchase intent
  • Creative that Captivates: Brand mentions, product benefits, sonic stimulus – which ad elements grab and hold our attention the best
  • In the Real World: How are agency leaders building campaigns that drive listeners to action
Paul Suchman
Paul Suchman
CMO, Audacy
Devora Rogers
Devora Rogers
Chief Strategy Officer, Alter Agents
Adam Weiler
Adam Weiler
EVP, Data, Technology, Analytics & Insights, Spark Foundry
Idil Cakim
Idil Cakim
SVP, Research & Insights, Audacy


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