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Who are Audio’s biggest disruptors?

Listeners, Creators and Advertisers are all playing a key role in Audio’s revolution. With listening habits evolving, advertisers large and small are looking to take queues from the brands on the bleeding edge of Audio’s latest innovation.

Listen in with our panel of Audio experts from podcasting, Radio, and marketing as they discuss the four most powerful trends shaping Audio for brands:

  • Cross-Platform Listening: Smart speakers, in-car, mobile – listeners are taking Audio everywhere. How should your media plan adjust?
  • Brands Become Part of the Story: Explore next-level host-advertiser integrations
  • Audio Influencers: Content creators forging new paths to connect with their audiences
  • The Watch List: What is Audio’s role in the metaverse

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Paul Suchman
Paul Suchman
Chief Marketing Officer, Audacy
Brian Benedik
Brian Benedik
Chief Revenue Officer, Audacy
Agnes Kozera
Agnes Kozera
Co-Founder, Podcorn
Shelley Wade
Shelley Wade
On-Air Talent, Audacy
Reggie Shah
Reggie Shah
Senior Director, Research & Insights, Audacy

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