Audio, Now More Than Ever

By Paul Suchman, CMO, Audacy

Following Facebook’s refusal to remove posts that allegedly promoted hate speech, discrimination and voter suppression, the “Stop Hate for Profit” campaign lead by the NAACP & the Anti-Defamation League is taking hold across all major social media platforms. What started out as a call to suspend advertising during July on Facebook and Instagram is now also affecting Twitter, Snap among others, and is likely to extend far into the summer. More than 100 large brands including North Face, Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, Hershey, Verizon, Unilever, and Starbucks have joined the boycott and more will pull back dollars.

Once the darling of all marketers for its interactive, engaging environment, social media is now taking a high profile hit that will lead to a significant shift in media dollars. Advertisers are removing social media from their plans at a time when they are pushing hard for economic activity and business stimulation. Social media’s headwinds puts audio squarely in the spotlight as the optimal media choice.

As a mass medium with uniquely engaging qualities, audio is the ultimate platform where media dollars should shift and spend should increase to help advertisers meet their brand and sales objectives. Its fundamental promise rings truer than ever:

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A moment when advertisers need to generate business, seize market share, and show growth and rebound, Audacy is indeed the ultimate brand partner. Whether serving national brands or local businesses, we deliver on this promise in every major market across America.

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Now is the time to move media investment into Audio. How can Audacy help you drive your business and brand forward?

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