Audio drives tremendous results — but you won’t know that unless you have the right measurement tools at your fingertips.

For the advertiser looking to get up to speed on the fast-changing world of modern Audio measurement, you’ve come to the right place.

Hear our panel of marketing and measurement leaders as they share the latest advances in Audio attribution, and how brands are applying these measurement capabilities to gauge campaign success. We’ll answer your key measurement questions:

  • Which measurement capabilities are available and which are the most popular
  • How to match ad-exposed listeners to customer conversions
  • What your attribution window should look like
  • How to apply the latest trends in omni-channel measurement
  • How to operationalize measurement — from campaign setup, to optimizing by dayparts, device and audience, to understanding when to implement lift analysis

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Kevin Greenwalkd
Kevin Greenwald
VP, Head of Advertising & Audience Products, Audacy
Michael Biemolt
Michael Biemolt
EVP, Sales, Audacy
Camden Weber
Camden Weber
Account Director, Claritas

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