July 19, 2022

Rollout of Updates to Audacy App and Website Begins Today

Beginning today, you’ll notice some changes to Audacy’s digital platform as we begin to release updates and new features on our app and website. We’re excited about these enhancements that include additional exclusive content, features and functionality – all in service of our mission to become the audio brand of choice for consumers and advertisers.

We’ll be rolling out these enhancements over the coming weeks and months, with each release focused on positively impacting Audacy’s digital, podcasting, data, analytics, and ad tech capabilities.

At the heart of these updates lives truly interactive radio. We’re giving our listeners even more control over streaming radio with additional interactivity to both live and on-demand content. We’re also improving the discovery and curation of our radio and podcast content, presented seamlessly together within an evolved interface and user experience.

Initial updates to Audacy’s digital platform include the following, with more to come in the months ahead:

  • Enhanced Rewind: With enhancements to Audacy’s patented Rewind technology, listeners will be able rewind our live spoken word stations (news, sports, and news/talk) and hear it all again – whenever they want, wherever they are. We’ve also added chapters and descriptions to live radio streams, enabling listeners to find the exact content they’re interested in, and further combining the experience of podcasts and on-demand radio.
  • Curated Discovery of Content: Listeners will be immersed into a personalized, interactive experience that is customizable, based not just on their favorite stations or podcasts, but also on their topical interests across news, sports and music, as well as hundreds of exclusive playlists, hand-crafted by leading artists and Audacy’s best-in-class music curators. The app will also allow users to easily discover and enjoy all types of audio content together around topics that interest them.
  • Redesigned Website and Seamless Cross-Device Experience: The web platform has been completely reimagined to let listeners seamlessly experience all their favorite radio and podcast content across devices, including our advanced interactive playback of radio stations and personalized discovery of topical audio content on any screen. Listeners can seamlessly move from web to mobile app – and back again – for a fluid experience, live and on-demand.
  • Enriched Podcast Listening: Nearly 3 million podcasts will give listeners access to all of the podcasts they’d expect, plus exclusive binging of Audacy Originals. And, the Audacy app will now present radio and podcast content together, allowing listeners to consume the latest content from the shows they love along with the topics they’re interested in. Right there, right now.

We are deeply committed to delivering a smooth transition to our new platform to ensure a consistently exceptional listener experience. To that end, users may not notice radical changes on the first day, and that’s by design. We are bringing our listeners on a journey with us, and over the coming months we’ll introduce more features that will ultimately make Audacy the go-to app for the curated discovery of the music and podcasts they expect, plus the best local radio – live and on-demand – together in one app.

The new Audacy app is available for download in the Apple App and Google Play stores starting today, as well as a fresh update to

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