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By Audacy Insights Team

The Secret to Integrated Audio

State of Audio Series

Getting top quality means spending top dollar – or does it? Not with Audio, where you can make your media budget work smarter, not harder. It’s a proven medium that allows advertisers to shake things up without shaking their piggy banks out. 

As listeners are becoming their own program directors, turning on and tuning in where and when they choose, it’s coming through loud and clear that Audio fans are on the move. Listeners are finding their favorite shows, tunes, and hosts through Radio, podcasts, and streaming. In a world where content is queen, they are becoming quite used to switching back and forth across Audio platforms throughout the day. 

Disruptive advertisers have embraced today’s Audio listening habits and they’re tapping into the power of Total Audio.

Audio marketing pros are uncovering that there’s an amplifying affect when they activate an integrated Audio plan. There’s a clear reach extension when digital and OTA Radio plans are combined. By targeting their audiences across a strategic range of Audio platforms, advertisers are joining users at their moments of passion. And they’re not interrupting – they’re disrupting. They’ve found creative ways to deliver authentic messages that flow seamlessly within the story to maintain and even attract audience attention.  

We’re seeing that digital Audio campaigns are working harder when a Total Audio strategy is used – across the board–whether the goals are web visitation, sales, or brand lift.

Ken Lagana
EVP, Digital Sales & Strategy, Audacy

The key to putting Audio to work is to engage with those audiences not just on a radio show, podcast, or digital stream, but through multiple channels throughout the listener’s day. The proof isn’t in the pudding – it’s in the wallet. We’ve seen a steady rise in our advertisers moving from single-channel Audio campaigns to multi-channel campaigns1, and with a tremendous payoff. When advertisers diversify their Audio campaigns, the cost to convert a new customer drops 38%2

+20% Rise
On Demand for Radio + Digital since 2019
-38% Lower Cost
To Convert with Multi-Channel Campaigns vs. Single Channel Audio Buys

Advertiser Takeaway: Activate a Total Audio Strategy

Armed with Audio insights, advanced measurement tools, and proven success with campaign-driven conversions, there’s a tremendous opportunity to make Audio campaigns work smarter. Each pillar of the Radio-podcast-streaming trifecta has its own superpowers, but together they become a Total Audio team that can engage audiences across multiple channels throughout their day. The integrated approach has some pretty impressive payoffs. It’s hard to argue with the chance to convert customers with less media spend… and why would you want to 😉

Want more of the latest Audio insights? Check out the STATE OF AUDIO guide for trends from the listeners, advertisers, and creators revolutionizing Audio.

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1 Audacy Advertiser Campaign Analysis, 2019 – 2022 

2 Aggregate Attribution Analysis of 119 digital Audio campaigns from August 2020 through March 2022 compiled by Audacy’s attribution partner Claritas

Audacy State of Audio: The Disruptors, May, 2022

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