Passions are the New Demos | Podcast Personas Series

By: Idil Cakim, SVP Research & Insights, Audacy | Contributing Research By: Deepika P Das, Manager, Research & Insights, Audacy

Part I in a three-part series featuring innovative ways to tap into podcast personas to improve your media buys

When you’re buying advertising in podcasts, of course you care about traditional demographics such as age and gender. Broad-based media buys like that are great for reach. But what does your target consumer care about? Food and wine? Concerts? Wellness? Fashion? Podcast listeners listen with deep intent, so focusing on your audience’s interests as an additional demo is where you just might find the sweet spot in your ad spending. It can evoke that emotional connection that goes beyond capturing their attention to stay with them long after the podcast is over. 

People who are passionate about something will actively and eagerly tune in to conversations about that topic. It’s the same with advertising. People are attracted to personalized ads that have meaning for them. A busy Millennial mom is likely to connect with an ad for a subscription activity box that promises to entertain and educate her kids while making her life easier – while that same ad will probably fly right past a 20-year-old college student.

Many advertisers have ventured into targeted, behavior-based buys focused on groups such as job seekers and auto intenders. But passions take your dollars to the next level. When you speak to their passions and make meaningful, authentic connections around those interests, you can capture their attention and their emotions so they can actually listen and retain your message.  

Brands that are looking to target specific personas, with specific interests, across a podcast network have a wide variety from which to choose. Here are some passion-based personas that are catching our attention.

Swayable Shopaholics

are willing to pay extra for image-enhancing products, and they’re more loyal to variety, novelty, and their favorite influencers than to a particular brand.

They’re often part of Gen Z, and
22% more likely to agree completely
with ‘I am influenced with
what’s hot and what’s not’
Sports Superfans

see value in on-target ads. They’re extremely loyal and rely on trusted voices in advertising to keep them up-to-date about products they’ll need or want. They love to try new things and serve as micro-influencers for their friends.

Sports Superfans are +30% more
likely to believe ads keep them in the know
about products that they need or would like
They are 55% more likely
to be among the first of their friends
to try new products or services
Eco-friendly Shoppers

seek out locally grown goods, and bring them home in recycled bags.

They’re 43% more likely to go out
of their way to buy a product that
is environmentally safe; and they invest
a lot of thought into what they buy
They are 26% more likely to ask
people for advice before
buying anything new

Capturing listeners’ attention is never easy. But when you’re speaking their language, and talking about their passions, they’re more likely to want to hear what you have to say. And isn’t that the point of your ad buys? 

Next week: We dig deeper into podcast personas by genre, answering the key questions, ‘who listens the most’, ‘who’s most engaged’, and ‘what role do info seekers play when it comes to ads’

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Source: 2021 MRI Simmons Spring Doublebase USA

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