September 15, 2021

Mental Health and Audio: A Powerful Mix for Saving Lives

By Sarah Harris, VP, Social Impact, Audacy

This year, more than ever, we heard one key message loud and clear: “It’s ok to not be ok.” With ongoing uncertainty thanks to a number of external forces beyond our control, mental health needs continue to be a timely focus for millions of Americans and organizations.

Fortunately, there are things within our control. Since audio is a powerful and trusted source for people to turn to, we can use our voice – whether individually, collectively, or as a brand – to impact change and be part of the solution to one of the biggest challenges facing consumers today.

That’s what our “I’m Listening” platform is all about, and here’s how we’re using our influence to connect to consumers and shift the conversation around mental health – together.

Use What You’ve Got

We’re trusted companions and loyal friends and know the power of talk can save lives. We also know the best way to support causes close to your heart, like mental health, is to use what you know best. On our team, that’s big names and big hits:

Big Names: Influencers move the needle. Partnering with trusted voices like Billie Eilish, Lizzo and Doja Cat to share their experiences with mental health adds even greater impact to this important conversation.

Big Hits: Music makes a difference. Studies show that music helps us regulate our emotions, find consolation, and deal with stress1. Music, more than other forms of media, helps improve our life satisfaction2. This year at Audacy we’re optimizing our music platforms to deliver more opportunities for our listeners to use music to work through their emotions and experiences, including through our new I’m Listening Mental Health Mix, running exclusively on the Audacy app.

One Big Night

Created in 2017 with the audacious goal to shift the conversation around mental health and end the stigma, this year our fifth annual “I’m Listening” broadcast continues on September 23 and is bringing together artists, athletes, medical specialists and organizational leaders from across the nation to share their own experiences with mental health. And since audio is the most trusted media source, we’ve reached more than 100 million people through the “I’m Listening” platform to date.

Brands, This Works for You, Too

Listeners and audience members know they’re receiving resources they can count on when they listen to Audacy, because of the trust we’ve built with them through productive conversations around mental health. Brands who believe in this work and who want to reach consumers can find an authentic partner in Audacy.  

We know that supporting causes you believe in is also good for business, especially among younger audiences. Consumers care deeply about issues affecting them, their families and their communities – including mental health.  Gen Z consumers increasingly expect brands to make efforts for social good.


of Gen Z actively seek out brands that support the causes they believe in3


of Gen Z look up a brand’s stance on the causes they support3


of Gen Z feel that ads or brand messages that publicly declare support for a progressive cause are positive3

Connect with People on What Matters Most

Trusted messengers. Real conversations. Engaged consumers. Messages of hope and healing. We’re bringing them all together in one place and building our community of mental health champions using our superpower as audio influencers. Join us today to connect with consumers on what matters most – our collective health and wellbeing.

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