Let’s Take (a Break from) that Long, Boring Commercial Break

By Sean Pollock

According to Tracy Johnson, Principal at Tracy Johnson Media Group, immediate changes in the radio commercial and creative landscape are needed to adapt to today’s customer expectations and media environment.
Check out these insights about the that radio staple, the commercial break:

  • When offered more, shorter commercial breaks or fewer, longer stop sets, most respondents to an Edison Research study opted for shorter, more frequent breaks.
  • In a Jacobs Media survey, 445 percent of respondents blamed “too many commercials” for why they’re listening less to their radio station.

“Listeners know we have to play some (commercials),” Johnson blogged. “They accept that. They’re actually quite forgiving. Even Millennials. But do the commercials have to be so painful? Do the stop sets have to be so long? Does every station have to break at the same time? It’s time to fix the commercial problems.”

  • As you produce your commercials, ask yourself a few simple questions:
  • Are you shilling or storytelling?
  • Are you forcing your product through their ear drums, by hook or by crook?
  • Are you informing, educating, and entertaining in a meaningful way?
  • Is what you’re sharing adding value?

You’re never going to be something to everyone. Sometimes your message won’t resonate because the aperture for that message is simply not open right then and there. But we can do better.

What’s good for listeners and advertisers alike will be less clutter, more share of voice, more share of mind, and above all, more impact.

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