Disrupt, Don’t Interrupt

By Audacy Insights Team

Disrupt—don’t just interrupt. 

Finding your target audience is one thing; keeping their attention is another. Obviously, folks who hear and remember your message are far more likely to act than those whose eyes and ears are wandering. In many ways, attention is the new gauge of value. Audiences are growing ever more fragmented, and TV inventory is dwindling. We’re all on multiple devices all day and night. In this world, Audio can be your new BFF: brand focus facilitator. (Hey, we tried.) On every level, Audio is a high-powered engagement machine that grabs and holds consumers’ attention like no other medium.

While TV viewers go on mental mute, Audio listeners are all ears

Time spent with Live+Time Shifted TV was down 11% from 2020 to 2021. That’s a lot, but it’s also no surprise, with so much TV and video viewing shifting to OTT subscription services and little nuggets on short-form platforms. And TBH, viewers aren’t paying that much attention when an ad comes on. Only 19% of TV viewers actively watch TV ads.

The most damning evidence? For the most part, viewers don’t even bother to mute their TVs anymore. They just put the ads on mental mute as they grab their phones. They are literally tuning out the ads. 

But people stay tuned in to Audio ads. Audio finds listeners when they are fully immersed in the moment (and the Audio)—while on a run, behind the wheel, or taking some me-time in a bubble bath. They’re not mentally muting, they’re leaning in. Those who listen all the way through are 8% more likely to recall the ad, 12% more apt to feel connected to the brand or product advertised, and show an intent to purchase that’s stronger by an impressive 10%. 

of Audio Listeners Listen Through Ads

And just where are advertisers finding these precious moments with listeners? All Audio channels are not created equal. Radio consistently pulls in the lion’s share of a listener’s time— 71%—making it the king of the jungle when it comes to audience reach. And podcasts still hold the title for fastest-growing Audio channel.


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Source: State of Audio: The Disruptors, Aduacy, May 2022

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