Be best-in-class with our guide to back-to-school shoppers

By Idil Cakim, SVP and Deepika P Das, Sr. Manager of Research and Insights

Back-to-school shopping this year is going to be big – at a projected $72 billion1, bigger than ever. According to a new JLL survey, more than half of parents plan to buy more than they have in the past, and nearly two-thirds are planning to start well before August. 

For advertisers, it’s both an opportunity and an imperative to act now

And the best place to attract those shoppers – and their dollars – is the tremendous reach of Audio. It’s the teacher’s pet of back-to-school shopping – the place where people go to get information and connect with brands. It’s where advertisers can engage, drive trials, and spark loyalty and advocacy. 

That’s because, beyond retailer websites and television and even digital platforms, Audio is the premier medium where people seek both facts (like features and deals) and opinions (like reviews). In fact, Radio is the most effective place for sharing the reviews shoppers use to make their purchase decisions2

And remember, this isn’t like high school with set time periods for each subject. The best way to reach shoppers and be part of their decision-making process is to talk to them, not just when they’re shopping, but also when they’re preparing meals, driving, working out, watching their kids playing sports and performing in the arts, and simply spending time with their children. 

Because parents tend to be thinking about their kids, well, pretty much all the time! Joining in on these rituals gives advertisers even more options for creative engagement and touchpoints among listeners ready to hear – and act upon – their messages. 

You’ll find those listeners at the cool table, otherwise known as Audacy. Every month, our stations reach 41 million parents, including Millennial moms and Gen X parents3Compared to typical US adults our ‘parent’ listeners are more likely to be shoppers of retailers from Target (+42%), Michaels (+37%), Macy’s (+31%) and Best buy (+28%) to Amazon (+19%)4

While the average household income of the typical parent of a child under 18 is $97,750, Audacy parents tend to have a significantly higher average of $109,580. And in the past 12 months, they have spent $19 billion online, $6 billion on consumer electronics other than TV, and $14 billion on clothing, shoes, and skin care products. 

So this back-to-school season, don’t just get an A for effort – pass with flying colors by building your media plan to reach and engage your target audience with us at Audacy. 

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