5 tips for integrated Audio campaigns

By Audacy Insights Team

Seasoned marketers will tell you Audio advertising isn’t a one trick pony. Brands shine when they don’t just pull one Audio lever, but come to the table with a total Audio strategy. At Audacy, our top-performing advertisers often go for the Audio trifecta–campaigns that include AM/FM radio, podcasts, and streaming Audio.

Hyundai Case Study:

For auto brands, high brand awareness and recall are usually easy wins. The next step is consideration. Hyundai recently decided to drive its marketing further with a campaign focused on encouraging ready-to-buy auto intenders to consider the brand’s electric vehicles and latest features. 

Take a look at Hyundai’s recent integrated Audio campaign. The brand drove off a winner by getting it right with these five strategies for a successful Audio campaign. 

#1 Always On

Hyundai’s campaign ran consistently throughout 2022, keeping Hyundai top-of-mind for potential buyers aged 18 to 49 in three critical audience segments: Auto enthusiasts, Tech-savvy buyers, and In-market auto shoppers.

#2 Total Audio

Combining Radio, podcasts, and streaming maximized reach among key audiences.

#3 Trusted Voices

The voices of trusted podcast hosts in relevant categories – business & finance, millennial & lifestyle, and sports – boosted brand favorability.

#4 Audience Targeting

Speaking to segmented audiences in key lifestyle groups drove efficiency in the media buy – ensuring Hyundai reached shoppers most interested in what the brand offered. This step is key. Precision audience buys lift campaign performance by 3-4x. And today’s targeting capabilities go farther than ever before, from demos to behaviors, passions, life stages, purchase habits, and even contextual targeting. 

#5 Creative Testing

Go ahead – play a little. Hyundai knows that creative has a supersized impact on campaign performance. They tested sonic branding, voices, and messages to rev up its results and bring the most effective ads to their customers. 

These super strategies delivered supersonic numbers, including a 7.4-point lift in purchase intent and a 10.4-point favorability jump among female listeners. And that’s how you drive off into the Audio sunset a winner. 

Want to dive deeper with brand success stories? Check out our State of the Audio guide, and hear how brands including Instagram and New Balance are turning to Audio to drive success throughout the funnel.

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State of Audio: Fuel the Funnel, Audacy, May 2023

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