Brand Challenge

Local Tri-State Mazda dealerships were looking to inspire New Yorkers to consider Mazda CUVs by educating auto intenders on the safety, stylish design, versatility, and technology available.

Our Solution

We created a full-year awareness campaign that leveraged our New York-based influencers to share their favorite vehicle features with listeners, from a New York native’s perspective, via broadcast, streaming, email, and mobile platforms.

Campaign Outcome

+20% increase in awareness and nearly +15% increase in consideration

Talent Integration

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Al Dukes | WFAN-FM/AM

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Katie Neal | WNSH-FM

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Race Taylor | WCBS-FM

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Karen Carson | WNEW-FM

On Air Content

We aligned Mazda with custom on-air content that connects with auto intenders’ passion points, like traffic updates, weather forecasts, and top-of-the-hour music reports.

WCBS-FM Weather Report
WFAN-FM Music Sponsorship

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