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How Brands are Tapping into the Intimacy of Podcasts

Savvy marketers agree – It’s not how many eardrums your messages reach. It’s how engaged those listeners are that’s the secret sauce. Delivering your message through a trusted influencer, like a podcast host, packs a powerful punch with their audience. Podcast hosts crush it for brands, because they know their listeners, heave built-in trust with their audiences, and drive strong brand performance.

But with new podcast opportunities seemingly around every corner, how can marketers tap into the shows and hosts that are right for their brand? Join our podcast pros as they navigate the key steps to podcast influencer success for brands:

  • Know Your Options: What are the range of influencer opportunities – from host reads to custom segments to branded podcast series.
  • Match with the Right Hosts: Find out how brands are paired with the right shows to drive key KPIs like brand awareness, purchase intent, and more.
  • Look for Scale with Influencer Networks: Large-scale networks. Efficiencies at scale. Addressable podcast advertising. We’ll cover it all.
  • Measure to Gauge Success: Campaign attribution in the podcast space has advanced dramatically. We’ll share what to measure and key success stories.
Lizzy Denihan
Lizzy Denihan
Head of Partnership Strategy, Cadence13
Agnes Kozera
Agnes Kozera
Podcorn Co-Founder
Stephanie Seferian
Stephanie Seferian
Sustainable Minimalists Podcast Host
Michael Ojibway
Michael Ojibway
Invisible Choir Podcast Host

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