On January 7, 2024, Audacy, Inc. announced important actions to bolster its financial and competitive position and enhance the Company’s future growth. For more information, visit the Audacy Restructuring Website.

This month on the Audacy Insights Series – Audacy’s conversations with leading marketers, technology innovators and content creators about the dynamic and evolving audio landscape – we’ll be exploring the most effective media strategies to drive performance.

With tight ad budgets, marketers need to be very smart about where they put their marketing dollars. The goal is simple – pick the media channels that convert. But how do brands know the optimal spend level for each channel? …. Follow the sales.

Recent marketing mix performance insights prove that channels like audio are over-performing. Join our panel of marketing, measurement and research experts as they answer these burning questions:

  • Are you under-investing? See how industries like auto, retail, financial services and more stack up when they optimize their media mix.
  • Traditional media vs. digital? Discover the best mix to drive sales.
  • How are brands thinking about performance-driven media plans?
  • What are the emerging trends with podcasts, attribution and more?
Idil Cakim
SVP, Research & Insights, Audacy
Kayla Coutts
Engagement Manager, Neustar
Sergei Peysakhov
Senior Director, Measurement & Insights, Audacy
Lance Picture Cropped
Lance Hayes
Partner, Strategy Director, MediaCom US

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