Just released: State of Audio - 11 Moments That Matter

This guide provides averages, insights and analyses for streaming audio and podcast performance by industry, so you can make better-informed decisions about investingin these powerful resources.

Setting the Stage for Digital Audio Success

Recent advances in streaming audio and podcasts now allow publishers and measurement partners to understand the dynamic nature of the customer journey by using attribution methodologies. The goal of attribution is to credit any media-driven conversion, even if that exposure and impact occur before the final purchase stage. For instance, pixel-based measurement allows advertisers to capture 100% of conversions driven from a media campaign, compared with less than 20% that’s typically picked up from vanity URLs.

Elevate Your Brand

With recent advances in podcast and streaming audio, you can fully evaluate when customers are most likely to act, and how to convert them to take the actions you want at each touchpoint. Now that you know the questions to ask and the benchmarks to gauge, it’s time to leverage your strategy and campaign design to make audio a sound choice for your brand’s success.


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