Just released: State of Audio - 11 Moments That Matter

The Amplifying Effect Trust, Immersion, and Host Influence Have on Determining Consumer Action

Download this study and uncover:

  • What Immersion is
  • Why brands focused on high-engagement and high-trust media channels are seeing improved performance
  • The Channel Stackup: How audio, linear tv, and social media compare on the trust and immersion index


Audacy developed a powerful and insights-driven study for clients and partners who are interested in growing their influence. Our study consists of two parts: a quantitative online survey and a groundbreaking Immersion study based on biometric feedback.

  1. Nationally Representative Survey
    · Sample of n=1008 US Adults (P18-54)
    · Conducted online
    · Completed in August 2020

  2. Neuro Study of Content & Advertising
    · Based on n=107,186 data points from 111 participants
    · Three groups of randomly selected media consumers in NY, Chicago and LA markets
    · Completed in October 2020

Our Partners

For more information, contact Idil Cakim, SVP of Research & Insights at [email protected] or your Audacy Account Representative

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