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Drive Dramatic Lift in Sales by Balancing Your Media Mix

With tight ad budgets and competing priorities, marketers need to be very smart about where they put their marketing dollars. The goal is simple – find the media channels that convert. But how do brands know what the optimal spend level is for each channel? Follow the money. Audio paves the way. It’s the medium with the broadest reach and deepest engagement. And it means business. A Neustar analysis of more than 40 national advertisers’ media mix performance confirms Audio moves the needle big time. Shift +1.2% of your media investment to audio and you will increase your ROAS by as much as 23%. Marketers who optimize their audio budgets are already getting ahead in their categories.


Audio’s Return on Ad Spend study is a meta-analysis conducted by Neustar. It incorporates 40+ advertiser models from the past three years, across auto, retail, financial service, and telecom sectors. It encompasses 14+ media touchpoints, including audio.

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