Entercom Partners With Claritas to Launch Marketing Campaign Measurement for Podcasts and Digital Audio

PHILADELPHIA, PA – January 23, 2020 – Entercom, a leading media and entertainment company and one of the two largest radio broadcasters in the U.S., and Claritas, a data-driven marketing company that helps marketers find their best prospects, improve marketing execution and deliver superior ROI, announced a partnership to deliver effective marketing campaign measurement capabilities for podcasts and streaming audio. This collaboration will enable advertisers to measure attribution and accurately determine the portions of their campaigns that contributed to a purchase, store visit or app download.

“Podcasting is a critical and exciting business segment with exponential growth opportunities,” said Ken Lagana, Executive Vice President of Digital Sales, Entercom. “We are thrilled to partner with Claritas and integrate their measurement technology capabilities into our existing radio and digital audio attribution suite. This new tool helps us fill a critical gap in the industry and allows us the ability to offer clients the opportunity to accurately measure ROI for podcasts and other digital campaigns.”

“Working with Entercom is a game changer for Claritas. One of Claritas’ biggest goals is to offer our clients new and effective measurement and attribution models to help truly calculate ROI,” said Matt Drengler, Vice President of Business Development, Claritas. “With podcasting taking off so aggressively, and continued growth across all digital channels, we see our partnership with Entercom as a major strategic win to help the industry effectively shift the paradigm in the podcasting, streaming and other digital channels.”

Through the strategic acquisitions of Cadence13 and Pineapple Street Media, Entercom has become one of the country’s top three podcasters and a leading creator, distributor and seller of top-rated podcast content. This has driven a clear focus to deliver industry-leading measurement capabilities for podcast advertisers. With Entercom’s podcast footprint growth, the company’s Advanced Audio team was tasked with expanding Entercom’s existing over-the-air and digital attribution capabilities to include the podcast medium.

Entercom will incorporate Claritas’ industry-leading identity graph – which encompasses a proprietary data set of over 120 million households and more than one billion devices – to compare the buying behaviors of those households that listened to the podcast to that of similar non-listening audiences. The analytics tool allows marketers to accurately isolate and measure the effectiveness of each channel, message or partner in their campaigns. Marketers will be able to measure each specific portion of their campaigns with never-before-available precision, allowing them to optimize as they run to maximize their return on investment.

As a result of the partnership, Entercom advertisers will be able to calculate the total lift in business outcomes directly attributable to podcast and digital streaming, and break out lift by the different components of a campaign, like target audiences, creative, geographic location visit and more. The measurement tools provide a valuable component to advertisers for their attribution capabilities to tie multichannel exposures to offline and online conversions and revolutionize the way campaign effectiveness is measured.

To learn more about advertising opportunities across the Entercom network, visit http://audacyinc.wpengine.com/capabilities. To learn more about how Claritas helps marketers measure audience and campaign effectiveness, visit https://www.claritas.com/optimization-of-target.

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