Busting Media Myths: Audacy releases Marketer's Guide to Audio

Audacy has released a new Marketer’s Guide to Audio to bust the biggest myths in media and promote the Audio advantage.

The ultimate goal for advertisers, large or small, is to get customers to like you, secure their loyalty, and ultimately claim a larger share of the consumer purchasing pie. And amid a seemingly endless buffet of advertising options, more and more advertisers are turning to Audio for unparalleled reach with the most engaged audience. It’s a medium that resonates deeply, compelling listeners not only to listen, but also to act. That’s why savvy advertisers are embracing Audio like never before. 

In the full guide, you’ll find:

  • Audio Campaign and planning tips for marketers
  • Maximize your ROI with cross-platform Audio
  • How to buy podcasts and digital Audio
  • How to buy an audience that fits your brand needs
  • Crushing a campaign with compelling creative
  • Understanding the undeniable power of personalities
  • Case studies from Mazda, New Balance, Dunkin’ and more
  • Audio performance and results by industry

What We’ve Learned

Today’s media landscape offers more advertising channels than you can count. And with all the buzz around trends, media darlings, and viral results, it’s easy to get caught up in the misconceptions about what works and what doesn’t. 

TV’s reach is dwindling and Audio beats TV across the funnel from awareness to loyalty. We also know that if advertisers keep their media budget the same, but shift just 10% to Audio, they will get a 10%-40% increase in reach for that budget.

Ad-supported platforms are key to marketer’ winning and Audacy’s 200 million+ is miles above Spotify (48.6M) and Pandora (41.2M).

To put it simply (and if you don’t like bar graphs), Gen Z (that would be 12 to 27 year olds) consume more radio than TV. In fact, 96% of GenZ listen to Audio daily.

Clients want immediate and measurable results of campaigns. Easy to do with more digital and trackable options – but we’ve made epic investments to help measure, optimize and advance audience targeting and measuring to make sure cross-device attribution and ROI are clearer than ever for advertisers.

Regardless of your brand’s size or industry, Audio emerges as the ultimate advertising champs, with unparalleled reach, enviable ROI, and the transformative potential of total Audio strategies. Media buying options are evolving, and from the irresistible allure of podcast hosts to the irrefutable power of ad-supported platforms, Audio commands attention and delivers results with every campaign. Ready to learn more about how to spice up your brand results with Audio? Download the full guide here

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