Shareholder services

Audacy, Inc. Class A Common Stock is traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the Symbol “AUD”

How to contact us

Investor Relations Contact

Joe Jaffoni, Norberto Aja, Jennifer Neuman
212-835-8500 or [email protected]

Stock transfer agent contact

Shareholders who wish to change the name, address or ownership of Entercom stock, to report lost certificates or to consolidate accounts, should contact the Company’s transfer agent at:
American Stock Transfer & Trust Company
59 Maiden Lane New York, NY 10038
(800) 937-5449

Board of directors contact

The Company has established a mechanism to facilitate the ability for interested parties to make their concerns known to the members of the Company’s Board of Directors, the non-management directors of the Company or any other group or specific individual director(s). Specifically, any interested party desiring to so communicate can either:

Send an email to:

[email protected] with the subject line with “AUD Board Message” (Note: only emails with the aforementioned subject line will be read)

Send a letter to:

Audacy, Inc.
2400 Market Street, 4th Fl
Philadelphia, PA 19103
Attn: Director Communications
All correspondence sent via mail or e-mail (other than correspondence regarding matters that are not in the province of the Board of Directors) will be distributed in print form to directors of the Company or such other sub-group thereof as may be specified by the sender.