State Of Audio - Level Up: The Modern Blueprint to Audio Advertising

As the excitement of football season heats up, brands are experiencing big changes in the sports media landscape. Of course it’s still all about the brands and the fans of the biggest games in sports – but with powerful new disruptions for marketers.

Listen in to Tiki Barber and our panel of marketing and media greats to catch the latest trends in:

  • Today’s Sports Fan: They aren’t the same fan of 20 years ago. With a growing interest in niche sports and an explosion of sports betting, connecting with them is all about authenticity. 
  • Storytelling: The growing role of podcasts, inspirational stories, and non-live content in sports fandom
  • Audio Influencers: Hear how the hometown advantage looms large with fans’ access to their favorite hosts
  • How Brands Are Tapping In: Creative ideas to reach the passionate sports audiences and drive impact
Jason Newman
Jason Newman
SVP, Marketing Solutions, Audacy
Tiki Barber
Tiki Barber
Host of ‘Tiki & Tierney’, WFAN Sports Radio
Lena Moss Glaser
Lena Moss Glaser
VP & Executive Producer of 2400Sports, Audacy
Tim McGhee
Tim McGhee
SVP, Strategic Partnerships, Sweet
Jared Merrell
Jared Merrell
Managing Director, Optimum Sports

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