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By Idil Cakim, SVP, Research & Insights, Audacy

Audiences consume media in ways that suit their lifestyles, to enhance their lives. They don’t wake up to their morning drive, they wake up to the radio news or the updates on their phone screen. They ease into their day with the station their smart speaker knows so well. Indeed, traditional day parts are laden with novel passion moments that present many opportunities for deep engagement. People consume audio no matter what throughout the day – switching from a chore to office work, perusing the aisles for the latest products, reminiscing about the old times with neighbors on the stoop or yelping with enthusiasm in the living room because that buzzer beater meant everything to the team! And all of these instances are rich with emotion, attention and action. 

Hitting the right age and gender group gets us close to those moments. But to be truly memorable and to move communities to take action, brands need to dive deep and be part of consumer experiences in meaningful ways. Relevance is key to being heard, to garner and hold attention. And to break through the daily clutter, advertisers need to target and buy audience segments. 

Audacy’s Digital Audience Network (ADAN) – 60 million strong – offers a plethora of opportunities to identify the best-fit audience for brands across categories. These audiences are addressable and the campaigns can be measured from start to finish. For example:

A pet food company aimed to reach new audiences and drive online orders. We launched a digital audio campaign geared towards pet owners across genres and titles they preferred. We also activated our Web Conversion Attribution module to measure web site visitations and purchases completed by Audacy listeners exposed to the campaign. The campaign delivered more than 70,000 web site visits and 1,900+ online subscription orders from ADAN listeners, exceeding client goals.

Sometimes the audience is far more narrow than pet owners. But that’s exactly what nimble digital content and engagement tools are designed to reach and engage.

For a healthcare client looking to draw the attention of registered nurses in a given set of geographic locations, our Audacy team deployed a streaming and podcast campaign, coupled by OTA, that yielded more than 147,000 web site visits and over 2,600 registrations from this audience in less than a year.

Streaming was the audio choice for a large home improvement brand that geo-targeted homeowners across our network. The campaign drove more than 2 million visitors to their site and they acquired more than 230,000 customers as a result.

As these examples show, engaging audiences in the right moments with messages relevant to their lifestyle catapults campaigns and yields strong results. While age and gender targets are tangible and practical to implement, thinking of audience attitudes and behaviors when planning is the key to success. And audiences’ audio habits also enhance results.  In our studies, we find cross-platform digital listeners are super-charged about their audio experiences and are much more likely to listen through, recall and act on the messages they hear in ads. That’s the power of ADAN, connecting people with brands through their passion moments across audio channels they love.

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