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We help brands and advertisers build the most effective campaigns that reach our audiences across platforms. We work closely with teams across the business to develop ideas, produce content, build campaigns, and drive revenue.

Account Executive
We’re based in our 47 markets and help local & regional brands develop and execute multi-platform marketing campaigns to build their business.

Enterprise Sales
WPP, BBDO, OMNICOM…We build strategic partnerships with the biggest agencies and brands in the world – identifying opportunities, negotiating contracts and driving ad revenue growth.

Digital Sales
CPCs, CPMs and DFPs are part of our daily chats as we develop innovative digital campaigns for advertisers large and small.

Business Development
We build partnerships with Audio’s best distribution channels (think Amazon, Apple CarPlay.)

Sales Operations
We support our Sales teams to get their jobs done. Covering everything from sales training and Salesforce development to compensation planning and more, we ensure teams are aligned so Sales can focus on selling.

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