June 8, 2023

Audacy Pride: Meet CHANNEL Q's Corey Crockett

Corey shines behind the mic and wants to create space for the queer community to do the same

Currently holding down double duty as programming manager and afternoon/evening host for CHANNEL Q, Corey Crockett started as a host at ALT 92.3 in New York before joining the Central Content Team, helping power initiatives like I’m Listening and Hip-Hop Made and pitching in to support local markets, among many other hats he wears throughout the day.

When CHANNEL Q called for him to get back behind the microphone earlier this year, Corey jumped at the opportunity but didn’t expect it to bring him as much joy as it has.

“Doing this show and working with this team is just so fun every day,” he says. And part of that fun is interacting with the diverse groups of people who want to be a part of CHANNELQ – from doctors and drag queens to contributors and artists to the fans themselves.

“CHANNEL Q is a nuanced brand that delivers more than just dance music wrapped in rainbow paper. It is alive and well — and living its truth,” he says, noting that none of this would be possible without the hardworking Audacy team members in LA and nationwide that keep CHANNEL Q thriving.

This joy drives him to be more authentic in his work, and he encourages his LGBTQ+ colleagues to do the same. “Being on CHANNEL Q is teaching me that I don’t need to dim myself,” he says.

Amid today’s struggles, Corey says people and companies showing up to emphatically support the queer community’s right to simply “be” is as important as ever.

Bring the energy with exclusive stations. Peruse Pride Month Podcasts. But you can always enjoy a community of queer voices and the music you love on CHANNEL Q, 365 days a year, on and the Audacy App.

Listen to Corey on CHANNEL Q:

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