October 28, 2022

Audio is an integral and inextricable part of our daily rituals, research finds

In a new study, Audacy and Alter Agents, an independent market research consultancy, confirmed Audio is an integral part of our daily rituals and is, in some cases, a ritual in itself.

Audio has moved from the background to the foreground, with 74% of U.S. adults setting aside time for listening and 40% organizing their day around Audio. For 86% of the Gen Z audience in the survey, Audio rivals social media scrolling and online video streaming during key ritual times.

The study identifies 11 key moments in a day audiences plan around Audio. They include activities like me-time, putting kids to bed, exercising, and getting ready to listen to or play sports. These rituals allow brands to connect with hyper-engaged listeners at set times during their day. One person may listen to a podcast while folding laundry every evening while another might wake up with their favorite morning show and keep them as companions until they leave for work.

By tying listeners to rituals, specific personas are revealed. Audio listeners are growth seekers and highly driven to improve their lives (a high-value target for advertisers). Parents and fitness buffs have strong Audio engagement during their established rituals.

Listeners can fall into multiple personas (mom is a fitness buff who loves true crime; a Gen Z professional owns pets and loves DIY).

Advertisers who target listeners during their ritual times expand their reach and influence because Audio is there when the listener is ready.

Audio offers the path to join these ritual moments, add value to them and activate the trust between hosts and listeners.

Rituals unleash media plans, going beyond traditional dayparts to all the moments that matter in a day. They build attention and drive audiences to action.

Ready to Make Audio Work for Your Brand?