March 11, 2024

Audacy Unveils the Power of Audio in the Connected Car

From 2021 to 2023, Audacy conducted four surveys to explore the connected car experience, aiming to decipher what truly captivates drivers. The resounding answer? Audio emerges as the driving force behind an unforgettable journey.

Today’s modern fleet of connected cars is advancing with intelligence, safety, and interactivity at its core. Equipped with smart dashboards and the integration of cutting-edge AI technology, the vehicle’s cabin has transformed into an immersive and interactive experience.

Audacy has unveiled the power of Audio in the connected car, driven by research that has been the roadmap for the industry, revealing the hottest trends in automotive tech and how users are steering their experiences. 

Audio Dominates the Next Dashboard

Two-thirds of drivers listen to AM/FM Radio, 20% more than music library streaming. Moreover, 45% of respondents want their next connected car to have voice activation. 

When it comes to what connected drivers value most, ease of use and safety are at the top of the list. Enter the dashboard. 

Driver behaviors have witnessed a significant shift in the last two years, with a 10% increase in accessing Audio through the dashboard from 2021 to 2023, while phone usage for Audio experienced a 17% decline. The era of using phones while driving is clearly waning as consumers embrace intuitive and user-friendly car dashboards.

Meet the Radio App and Voice Users

The study identified radio app and voice users as super users who shared common traits and expectations.

These highly engaged individuals demand seamless transitions for Audio across their home, phone, and car systems. Whether tuning into a favorite station or catching up with the latest Superfly episode, they expect a smooth experience without interruptions.

Moreover, they exhibit readiness to spend, particularly in high-budget categories like home improvement and financial services, responding actively to targeted radio ads. For advertisers, crafting personalized ads targeted at these audiences presents an exceptional opportunity to guide listeners through all stages of the purchase funnel.

Key findings to consider: 

  • Nearly half of Radio App users sought information about advertised products online after hearing an ad in the car, compared to 22% of all listeners.
  • 31% of Radio App users and 27% of Voice users visited the store they heard about, doubling the rate of all listeners.
  • 27% of Radio App users purchased advertised products, more than doubling the rate of all listeners.

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