January 26, 2024

Audacy to Distribute More Public Affairs Programming in 2024

Starting January 28, Audacy is expanding two programs in 2024 for all stations:

  1. The company’s partnership with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFPS), an I’m Listening Partner, will include a new podcast series and OTA integrations.
  2. Audacy Conversations, the Town Hall series produced by and distributed on Audacy’s leading portfolio of All-News and News/Talk stations, will continue in 2024.

By tying together two pillars of Audacy’s Social Impact platform — Mental Health and Sound Communities, we’re able to meet our listeners where they are and spark conversations on the issues they and Audacy care about.

Expanding the Mental Health Conversation

The podcast with the AFSP begins on Sunday, January 28, with Suicide: Loss and Survivors and continues throughout the year, including the annual I’m Listening broadcast in September.

TopicAir Date
Suicide: Loss and Survivors1/28
Talking Mental Health Man to Man; PTSD3/17
Mental Health Awareness and Tips5/5
Pride and LGBTQ Mental Health6/2
Black Community Outreach7/7
I’m Listening annual broadcastSeptember
Latinx Community10/13

“Audacy’s I’m Listening was created to destigmatize the conversation around mental health, and we have been fortunate enough to work with AFSP for eight years, evolving and transforming from a guest spot on the first I’m Listening broadcast special to being a year-round, national, content partner,” said Dave Richards, Senior Vice President, Audacy. “We’re honored and proud of the work we’re doing together and look forward to continuing our relationship through this new, ongoing long-form mental health and suicide prevention series that dives into distinct discussions, from awareness and tips for managing mental health to resources for specific communities including Black, Latinx, and LGBTQ+ people. It is a privilege to be a champion of mental health awareness, and Audacy’s lasting commitment to the cause is truly at the heart of much of what we do here.”

“Together, AFSP and Audacy have worked tirelessly to bring brave and meaningful conversations about mental health and suicide prevention to millions of people nationwide. It’s through our partnership that we train industry talent on mental health safe messaging, share stories of hope and healing, and inspire others to reach out and support help-seeking,” said Robert Gebbia, Chief Executive Officer, AFSP. “We are proud of what we’ve accomplished together and of Audacy’s continued commitment to our cause. Audacy’s I’m Listening platform and its use of the power of music are helping to educate the public about mental health and suicide prevention.”

Continuing Audacy Conversations Content Series

Audacy Conversations will grow in 2024 after its launch last year. The town hall series will be aired across the company’s All-News and News/Talk brands and tackle pressing topics in the entertainment industry, the environment, higher education, and AI.

TopicAir Date
The State of the Entertainment Industry2/18
The State of the Environment: 1Thing4/21
The State of Higher Education8/18
The State of AI11/17

“Our ability to do impactful, local storytelling is unparalleled in the industry,” said Jennifer Seelig, Format VP of News, Audacy. “This is an opportunity to showcase our muscle as a collection of News brands. Our connection with the communities we serve is strong and important. We are proud to execute coordinated and format-wide coverage of topics that matter to our audiences.”

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