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The power of TALK is one of the most important tools in fighting the stigma of mental illness. We use our voice year-round to raise awareness and shift the conversation around mental health needs, anti-bullying, and suicide prevention. Our mission is simple: end the stigma, save lives. ​

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I’m Listening

Devastated by the premature deaths by suicide of Chester Bennington of Linkin Park and Chris Cornell of Soundgarden in 2017, our Seattle music team longed to express their sadness and effect change. They jumped into conversations with artists about hurting, healing, and hope – and the impact was so strong that we began amplifying mental health awareness across our platform. Today, it’s known as “I’m Listening.”​

In addition to a daily local digital and on-air presence, “I’m Listening” takes center stage during National Suicide Prevention Month in September as our annual, award-winning, national broadcast airs on every Audacy station. The platform provides valuable resources for listeners who need to connect, heal, and share their stories. As trusted companions and loyal friends, we meet people where they are and assure them that it’s OK to not be OK. Because the power of talk saves lives. ​

Hopefully, if I talk about mental health, it’ll help other people to talk about it… we’re all a lot more similar than we think we are.​

Alessia Cara
Grammy Award-winning artist



Emails sent to ImListening.org​ from listeners sharing how mental health and suicide have affected their lives

I’m Listening

Katy Perry, Luke Colms, Jon Bon Jovi, DJ Khaled, Demi Lovato, and more join us in sharing their struggles with mental health


People reached through the “I’m Listening” campaign

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