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Which Social Media Platform is Best for Your Business?

By The Audacy Team

You hear it over and over: social media is important to your business. But with Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and more out there, where do you start?

The good news is, you probably don’t need all these accounts. Each one is used differently and has its niche in different industries. Check out this quick guide to determine which platform(s) may be best for your business.


Every business needs a Facebook profile, because it allows you to reach just about everyone! Facebook has the largest audience and is growing rapidly in the middle-aged-female category. People post reviews on business pages. Google sees Facebook as a listing, which means it shows your Facebook page in its search results.


Twitter was designed for quick, short updates throughout the day. With 280-character limits, Twitter posts are perfect for news stations, radio personalities, and others who can share constant, relevant updates.


This visually based mobile app is all about photo sharing. If you’re an interior decorator, you need an Instagram account. It’s also a popular place for clothing stores to post giveaways. Fun fact: Facebook owns Instagram.


LinkedIn calls itself “The World’s Largest Professional Network”. If you’re an attorney or financial services company, you’ve come to the right platform. When someone logs into LinkedIn, he’s thinking about his career and business. Every professional services company should have a LinkedIn profile, not only to display industry knowledge, but also to recruit talent.


Pinterest is another photo-sharing social media site. You can create themed boards and post photos with links to articles in that category. Think DIY projects, recipes, vacation ideas, fashion, and more. The strongest demographic here is the 25- to 50-year-old female. If your business has anything to do with food, travel, clothing, or crafts, then this is the platform for you.

If your business doesn’t yet have a social presence:

  • Visit the social sites that make sense for your business. Take your time getting familiar with the sites, and don’t get overwhelmed in one sitting.
  • Choose your platform(s), and click “Sign Up!” to start setting up your pages.
    Invite friends, family, and clients to follow your pages.
  • Post about topics that interest you, with a little bit of talk about your business.
  • Respond as fast as you can to messages and comments!

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