February 2, 2023

What’s Your Guilty Pleasure?! Listeners’ Top Audio ‘Stolen Moments’

By Audacy Insights Team

State of Audio Series

It’s time to report a rampant crime spree – and you’re probably as guilty as I am. We’re talking stolen moments – sneakily making time to keep listening to our favorite Audio content, uninterrupted.

Of course, we all have our Audio rituals, whether they happen when we’re driving in the car, hitting the gym, cooking, shopping online, or just having some “me time.” But what happens when our ritual is done, but our Audio content – or our demand for it – isn’t? 

If you’ve ever lingered in the driveway for an extra 10 minutes to hear the rest of that hilarious banter of your morning show, or snuck the dog out for one extra walk the day your favorite podcast drops, this list is for you.

Little white lies. Tall tales. We do what we have to in order to snag that extra time with our favorite podcasts, radio hosts, and tunes. In our research, we found that these stolen moments happen so much, they’ve practically become their own listening ritual. 60% of us have found a way to grab a few more minutes with our favorite radio station or podcasts.

Here are some of the creative (often comical) ways we’re giving ourselves bonus time with our beloved Audio content. 

And these personal Audio breaks are happening across demos. Women are 12% more likely to stay in the car to keep listening. Men are 33% more likely to pretend they’re working, and 80% more likely to send their children on playdates, so they can stay tuned in. And our absolute favorite – Millennials are 34% more likely to stay in the bathroom longer to just keep rolling with the Audio they love.

Women are 12% more likely to sit in the car after arriving home to keep listening
Men are 33% more likely to pretend they’re working while listening
Gen Z were 48% more likely to take more time shopping as they listen
Millennials are 34% more likely to stay in the bathroom longer to listen

Check out our State of the Audio guide for more insights on listener rituals – real and really funny! – and how they can help you carve out your new favorite ways to engage with your audience through Audio. 

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Audacy Rituals Survey and Mobile Ethnographies, conducted by Alter Agents, October 2022.  Survey Base: Total respondents (n=1003) | Mobile Ethnographies (n=48, five days) |  In-depth interviews (n=15)

Source: Audacy Stolen Moments Survey, conducted online as a follow up to Audio Rituals. n=500, P18+, August 2022.

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