What Success Sounds Like: The Impact of Audio Advertising on Auto, Legal, and QSR Brands

By Audacy Insights Team

When it comes to advertising, whether you’re a large corporation or a small business, the ultimate goal remains the same: win over customers, secure their loyalty, and ultimately capture a larger share of the consumer purchasing pie. And amid a seemingly endless array of advertising options, more advertisers are turning to Audio for its unparalleled reach with the most engaged audience.

Radio specifically is a medium that resonates deeply with listeners. It’s not just about getting your message heard; it’s about compelling listeners to take action. This is why savvy advertisers are embracing the broad power of radio like never before.

Industry Benchmarks: Real-World Insights

You might be wondering how radio will perform for your business. One of the best places to start is to see how others in your industry are faring. While every campaign is unique and success hinges on factors like frequency, creative quality, and existing brand equity, benchmarks can provide valuable insights into the potential benefits of local radio advertising.

At Audacy, we run thousands of on-air campaigns for brands across various industries. We analyze the results to understand campaign effectiveness and optimize delivery.

Radio is a powerhouse across all industries, but seeing results from your specific field can really help you understand what to expect. You can learn which days of the week perform best and the ad lengths that work most effectively. Take quick service restaurants for example. QSRs experience impressive results with radio — typically achieving a 20% lift in daily web visits, with Saturday being the top-performing day. And a strong 30-second ad tends to be the sweet spot for these campaigns. This makes sense, as weekends are prime time for dining out or ordering in, and a well-timed ad can influence these spontaneous decisions.

Let’s dive into some more benchmarks from key industries to give you a sense of what’s possible with radio advertising.


Why These Benchmarks Matter

These benchmarks are more than just numbers; they provide a roadmap for crafting effective audio advertising campaigns. Understanding the optimal days and ad durations can help you tailor your strategy to maximize engagement and drive results. It’s also a testament to the power of radio in influencing consumer behavior across different sectors.

Ready to see what Audio can do for you? Let’s get started and turn your advertising efforts into measurable success.

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